Becoming the best version of yourself

3) Everyone’s Journey Is Different

on April 3, 2018

So true!

While I was gathering information for my book, and talking to other women about things that had happened in their lives over the years of marriage, successful or not – one thing became very clear.

Everyone’s journey is different.

Things that I initially thought were obvious and universal, became different and unsuspected.  You put 100 people in a room and hand them a set of circumstance and they will all handle it differently.  They are neither right or wrong, just different.

Just like yesterday’s post on opinions, our journeys and forks in the road happen at different times and for different reasons – there is not always a clear right and/or wrong.

Yes, looking back there might be things I would’ve done differently, and my path might have then been different at this point.  There is still no time travel going back to change things.  Having regrets, making amends, moving forward – it is your journey and hopefully you embrace it fully.

Those bumps in the road, the potholes you fall into – they make you who you are.  Special.

Embrace “different” – you only go ’round once!



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