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Hostess Gifts?

OK – so we all know I’ve been “moving” and “packing/unpacking” and “decluttering”. WOW, I knew it would take a toll, but even I underestimated how this would go.

It’s the things not in our control that are the worst. (I have a really great new and modern looking counter top in the kitchen. It’s just too bad there’s a giant hole in it since I have no range/cooktop yet, but I digress)

The purpose of this post is to help you the next time you need to buy a hostess gift, or a birthday gift, or just any gift in general. Before you buy it, think . . . what will she/he/they do with this?

Note to the buying public, things to never give again because someday she/he/they is/are going to have to move.

She/he/they does/do not need another:

  1. Dishtowel, no matter how cute or appropriate the saying is.
  2. Coffee mug, see above.
  3. Scented candle.
  4. Scented soap.
  5. Wine stopper/coaster.
  6. Hand towel (what our mother’s used to call fingertip towels), same as dishtowel.
  7. Note pads.

She/he/they can use wine, 😉 and the occasional phone call to check in.

Like I said, moving takes a toll . . .

(Sincerest apologies to all people who in the past have gifted me with:

Dishtowels, coffee mugs, scented candles and soaps, wine stoppers/coasters, hand towels and note pads)

Wink wink!!


“The Move”

John A Shedd said:

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for”.

You haven’t heard from me for a while. I’ve been moving several states “away”. After an entire lifetime of being a Texan, I headed to Colorado. Gonna try it out – I’ll get back to you in January, LOL!

I had a great cash offer on my house in Houston, long story but he backed out 30 minutes before the end of the option period, tried to lower his offer that day at noon. I was being packed up and the truck loaded me up the next day. Not alot of time to deal with the disappointment as the dogs and I jumped in the SUV and took off.Been sArrived to Colorado with a “remodel” project not complete.

Been staying with friends and have been here almost two weeks. Great friends are those that allow you to bunk in one of their guest bedrooms with your two German Shepherds in tow. I hope my first night in the house will be this Sunday night, but I’m afraid my July 4th weekend will be spent unpacking boxes. The closet system is not installed so my garage is full of wardrobe boxes as well as many other boxes of things.

I did downsize and clear out, LOTS. But some things you just have to keep in your universe. My first houseguests were to have arrived July 1, but I had to make the sad calls to cancel those. Would be nice to have beds set up for them don’cha think? Next set of guests due to arrive July 7, I’ll be better prepared tho’ as of today, my two new showers downstairs (replacing the tub showers of 1998) are not draining – AT ALL. Contractor fears one of the subs poured something they weren’t supposed to “down the drain” and it solidified, as in . . . an auger wouldn’t budge it.

OH JOY!! Plumbing not complete, electric not complete, AC is in so we’ll be cool as we wonder how to cook with no range/cook top – a victim of Covid/Pandemic/worker shortage/things made in China blah blah blah. Double oven back ordered – September but the microwave did come in . . . . . of course it’s still sitting in the garage in the box with the trim kit close at hand.

But hey, since I’ve “left my harbor” and have “put to sea” I’ll hope to stay in touch more frequently . . . as soon as my internet is hooked up. Just sayin’ . . .