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A Thought To Remember – – –

(Sorry for the blurriness, I never claimed to be “tech savvy”, LOL!!)

When I saw this, it really struck a chord because I have been around this alot in my adult years.

As a child growing up, I was surrounded by love and positive reinforcement. I was praised when I did something right, and corrected when I did something wrong. BUT . . . the correction was never harsh and it always came with guidance and suggestions of a better way.

As a society we have become VERY “judge’y”, we don’t listen to others, it’s our way or the highway, we’re so sure we are right. Social media “shares” are distracting, hurtful, full of opinions and certainly rarely verified.

Shaking up my life and moving several states “over” has certainly opened my eyes to the “comfort zone” I was living in. Have I become a kinder more compassionate person? Hope so. Do I still judge? Yes, sometimes I can’t help myself. But I also try to step back and re-evaluate when necessary.

Thanks for letting me share today!! Almost July, where did June go??

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