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What can I say about myself?  I started my desired journey of helping women who were getting divorces they did not want, because I could not find that same help for myself.   When I went through my divorce drama/trauma at age 54, and after 30 years of marriage, I never dreamed where I would end up.  How would I survive?

I dreamed of beginning a support group for women so they would not feel alone in putting the pieces of their lives back together.  There are so many things about a divorce, and divorce recovery, that will blind sided a woman.  I refer to those things as “The Things No One Tells You” when you find yourself “suddenly single”.  In researching this need, and talking with many women about their personal needs, I began to make notes on the many topics I wanted to cover.

It was suggested those notes would be great put together in a book, and after taking a writing class and a publishing class to achieve that goal – my blog was born.  Suddenly Single Woman’s Guide to Surviving Divorce..  The book was an ongoing project, written not only about my story, but now waiting to be fleshed out by the stories of others.  In the meantime, I practiced sharing my thoughts with others via “blogging”.  However, this blog gave me an audience that could be immediate while giving me the time to complete the book and soon to begin the support group that began this journey.

As with all “best laid plans”, the support group never happened, but the book did!  Finally in June 2016 my dream became reality and my book was published.  It shortly became a best seller on Amazon.  I hope you will read it, comment on it and please share it with others that you think it will help.   My biggest take-away has been that we all need to take care of each other, because we cannot and never should expect another to do that for us.

Whether you are suddenly single through divorce or death, or even if  you are single having never married, the thoughts shared here are meant to help guide you, or better yet, to provoke you to taking care of your own happiness.  Thank you for considering following the blog for yourself, and sharing it with someone else it might inspire.

If you like, head on over to Amazon and give my book a look!  It’s available now for the Kindle, or in paperback!  I remain so grateful for your support and wish you all the happiness you deserve.



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