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Chick Flick

Chick Flicks!  We all have our favorites, most of them end “happily ever after”, or at least “happy”?

They’re the ones that you could never get your husband/date/significant other to go see with you at the theater, so you waited to go with a group of gal pals, or just waited to see it on HBO, or Showtime, or Netflix.

I watched one of these the other night, and it so reminded me of my life, and how a group of women “function” many times.  It has best friends, and three generations of women characters.  It had it’s fun parts, it’s sad parts, it’s silly parts, and it’s poignant moments.  So just thought I would throw it out there in case you’ve never seen it.

The Women

It has a great ensemble cast of women such as Meg Ryan, Candice Bergen and Annette Bening. After I watched it, I realized thinking back that there were never any men in the scenes.  Or if there were, I don’t remember them.  They’re always “implied”.  The movie is all about the relationships and interactions of the women.

So next time you don’t have plans and have an evening “in” to fill, add this one to your watch list.  I think you’ll enjoy it!  And hopefully you’ll appreciate all those wonderful women you have in your life, like I do.


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Sending Prayers – – –

Sending prayers today to my friends and family in Houston/Galveston, and up and down the Texas coastline, as we/they brace for the impact of Hurricane Harvey.

Please be safe out there, stay in if you can and if it turns out that this was blown out of proportion, then hey – we’ll take that!

We may beg for a break in the heat, but pretty sure we didn’t want it this way.  : -)

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Chicken Soup – Third Share

This will be the last share, there are so many, but I also have so many others things to offer here that I’m going to move on after this one.

Chapter 100, pages 338-340 by Tena Beth Thompson:

“When I was newly divorced, I found life scary and intimidating.  At first, I felt I was being punished, but in reality I was given the opportunity to find myself and create a new life.  I had no idea where it would take me, but I was ready to take the leap.  Although I was frightened to travel in a new direction, it was also exciting to ponder my options.  I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, but I knew what I didn’t want:  the old me.  I was not the same person I had misplaced all those years ago.  Prior to this time, my epitaph could have read, “She died without ever having lived.”  Thankfully, that would no longer be the case. I was now strong and embraced the courage I never knew I had.”

This can be your view no matter what has occurred to alter your “life as you knew it”.

I went from being a daughter, to a wife, to a mother.  I was never just me.  There were times I was made to feel like being “me” wasn’t good enough, or a part of “the plan” – even though I had very little input into that same plan.

Now I make the plan.  Now I can be “me”.  I have been given the gift of a new beginning and as it said on the cover of this book – I will “thrive”.  It’s not without it’s challenges, and scary times, but I’m going to be happier and stronger than ever before!

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More Chicken Soup . . .

Here’s another share of a portion of the book I mentioned in the previous blog post:

“Chicken Soup for the Soul – Divorce and Recovery”, although as I pointed out, these excerpts that I share here can relate to many different circumstances that we all face.  It’s all about being the very best version of ourselves that we can be.  They use the word “thrive” – and I like that concept alot.  So here goes another, . . .

Chapter 79, pages 263-266 as shared by:  Deborah Batt.

“Years of caring for others had caused me to ignore my own needs.  Oddly enough, I came to the realization that I did in fact have needs.  I needed to feel warmth and love.  I needed to feel accepted and that I somehow belonged.  I needed to feel respected and honored.  I needed to feel happy and content.  But, most of all I needed to feel that the one person in the whole world who should love me the most would love me the most, regardless of the mistakes that I’ve made.  Someone who could accept my faults and praise my strengths and make me feel everyday that I was the best that I could be.”

Now doesn’t that apply to almost any situation?  Not just divorce, but the need to feel valued by those around us?

I hope for you that you have those people in your life that make you feel valuable, and loved for who your are.  The others just aren’t worth your time . . .

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