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Lately – I Question Alot – – –

We all have those days. You do all the right things and still the universe slaps you around.

You begin to question why you try so dang hard, when all those around you seem to be so wrapped up in themselves that they don’t really care about how their actions may hurt you.

It’s usually not just one person, or one slight that hurts your feelings.

It’s usually not just one turn of events that has you down.

It’s that “piling on” effect that just has you staggering around wondering, “WHAT DID I DO??”

Do you continue to pursue your dreams when everything seems to be telling you STOP?

Do you continue to act like” it doesn’t matter – really!” – when it does?

Is it better to have someone not be truthful because they think it’ll hurt your feelings, or would you prefer the truth because when you finally find out that truth (and you will) it hurts you even more?

Or am I giving too much credit to people actually thinking they might care if they hurt you or not?

Hmmmmm! Alot to ponder.

I think it’s sad that I have to harden my heart. I think it’s sad that I have to lower my expectations. I think it’s sad that people cannot be honest. I think it’s sad that my bubble has been burst repeatedly.

But today is a new day, a new opportunity to find the best in people. Today after the grey’ness of a winter that will not go away, the sun is actually shining. Today someone is going to do something really nice and unexpected and it’ll restore my faith in people. Will it be you?