Becoming the best version of yourself

As We Head Into 2022 – – –

I am so very grateful for all of you, and your support, and kind comments throughout the years. I started this blog in 2012 with nothing more than a desire to help other women feel better about themselves every day.

You’ve certainly made me a better person.

Keep hoping everyone! See you “next year”!!

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Merry Christmas To All!!

I hope everyone is surrounded by love and laughter, friends and family, near or far, in person or FaceTime/Zoom. Wishing you all a very Merry Merry Christmas. Not my puppy – but just had to share.
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Tis The Season

So, this might be a bit long, but hang in there.

If I take the time and trouble to call and report a problem, or lack of service or lodge a complaint in general, I then try really hard to spend the same amount of time and trouble to call and report a good service, a kind and thoughtful act and issue a compliment. Funny how that works?

Case in point, been traveling back and forth between old home and new home. Tying up loose ends. Right before I left “new” home about 6 weeks ago to drive to TX, our windows were being washed. Part of our annual HOA dues, they get done spring and fall. While taking the hose and it’s reel into the garage to store for winter frigidity, I could not get the connecting piece of hose off the hose bib. Clearly one of the workers had taken it off, to use their own equipment (probably the power washers/painters) and screwed mine back on – crooked. Once you strip those threading things, they never quite screw on tightly or correctly. They’d done it with such force I couldn’t get it off. And do you think I have a wrench?? Ha!!

With the window washer down the street and on his way to my house in a few hours I was irritated to say the least, and sorry for him that he’d have to drag his equipment down below my house to use a second hose bib. I’m on the side of a hill, getting equipment down that decline would be challenging. What could I do? I was leaving. So I wrote a note to him, tacked it into the siding above the hose bib with the small connecter hose piece dangling, apologized for not being able to get it off for him, and told him where the other hose bib was out back. Then off I went to TX.

About a week later, my Ring doorbell camera picks up a person making a delivery to my front door. He rang the bell, I of course was not there, so he left it under the porch cover and started to walk away. He is a FedEx driver. He sees the note, stops and bends down to read it and to my total shock, he stoops down and gets that stuck hose connector piece off. : -0 He lays it down and goes off on his way to his next delivery.

Seriously??? How cool is that?? I’m not there, and he does me a kindness by undoing it – just because he took the time to do a good deed. Now, of course, I become obsessed with how I’m gonna either track him down to thank him, or reach out to FedEx. Have you ever tired to reach out to FedEx during the holidays?? But once I returned back to new house, and retrieved the package off the front porch, I kept the label. My thinking? Somewhere in all those numbers there’s got to be a way to id the driver. I am gonna get a thank you to him – somehow.

Fast forward to yesterday. Another FedEx delivery coming up the driveway. So I nab my “label” I’d saved and approached him. Asked him if he could id a driver thru the numbers on the package. Assured him there was no harm, no foul – that I actually wanna to tell that driver how much I appreciated him. He shyly looks at me and says, that’s my id! I asked him about the hose piece, (because I suppose any driver could claim he’d done the favor, so I wanted to see if he knew what I was talking about). He says he came up the sidewalk to the front porch, saw a paper note tacked to the wall, read it and thought he’d just unscrew it for me.

Woo Hoo – I’d found him!

I told him how much that meant to me, a simple act of kindness and that I would be doing something nice for someone in his honor. I don’t know about him, but this made my day. Oh that we all could be that random and thoughtful. Be kind this holiday season everyone, you never know when something you do will make someone else’s day better.

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Oops – A Couple of Days Late?

I found this the other day and meant to share on December 1st! But then you know how life can get in the way??

So better late than never. A fun “attitude” Advent Calendar for you. Less calories than the ones with candy. Enjoy and Happy December to you all.

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