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The Wisdom Of Youth:

My youngest son and his family recently visited to check on the “move” and the progress on the “remodel”. As with most people I’ve shared my experiences with, everyone is being faced with cancelled or delayed orders, workmen that don’t show up or whom have totally disappeared. Supply chains broken down, products not available, and on and on.

While relating to him all the woes of this particular move and project, he offered sage advice to his “Mom”. So when this popped up in my media library, it made me think of him and our “walks” along the river plus his advice to me that I have many things that ARE working, and that I should be thankful for.

I’m working on it. : -)

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As A Follow-Up : -)

They say timing is everything. So as a follow up from last post’s mini rant about things gifted that I have no space for, this came up on my feed on keeping things “Real Simple”. One of my fav magazines. Always find useful info and ideas from them. I had to laugh when I saw the title so soon on the heels of my mini rant.

So, because I’m trying to keep things positive this week:

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