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Levity and Popcorn . . .

So I recently wanted to cheer up a friend who has suffered a very painful loss in her family.  Looking for some levity, and the never ending happiness that a bag of popcorn (and mindless entertainment for 2 hours) can bring you, we opted to go to a movie!

Being the person picking a movie to view can be daunting, and if you flub can also be worthy of being put in the corner and never again being allowed to pick.  I wanted to offer options, but was definitely looking for light hearted. We both go to the same support group for Divorce Recovery so imagine my surprise when she picked “The Other Woman” as her choice?

Usually women who have been victims of infidelity don’t need to pay to see it on the big screen.  However, off we went and entertained we were.  There are some classic lines in the film, and while it is definitely NOT for the serious film critic, it provided the right amount of humor and self reflection intended.  I was tickled by the article below where Cameron Diaz, certainly a beautiful enough woman who you would think could have any man she wants, talks about chemistry and soul mates.

This movie celebrates sisterhood and the way we can truly all help/support each other during trying times dealing with the opposite sex – you know – the creatures from Mars??

I hope you will enjoy this, it’s a quick read but oh so true and reminded me of those I know who would have thoroughly enjoyed joining me in this escapade of . . . OK I’ll say it . . . revenge.    Have fun with it!

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The Times, They Are A’Changin’ . . .

Good morning and Happy June!  Summer is settling in and it’s hot outside.  And speaking of “hot”, there were times during my divorce (and perhaps yours?) when my ex’s actions made me hotter than summer time in Texas.  However, I was always expected to temper those “heated” thoughts and roll with the punches.  I was told to “rise above it” and always display good manners.  So where was the outlet I needed to blow off that steam?

Sweet friend “LLB” has just recently gone through the divorce process and is learning how to come out the other side with a bit of humor.  She has shared this post with me for all my blog followers.  While I heartily subscribe to you doing “what’s best for you”, this article does show that women everywhere are coming up with creative outlets for venting that heat that rises when your marital state becomes “done”.

Enjoy the read and ROCK ON!!

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