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I So Needed This Today – – –

Soooooooooo – have you ever set on an HOA Board????? ‘Nuff said!!!


Thoughts For Today And Every Day!

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Lately – I Question Alot – – –

We all have those days. You do all the right things and still the universe slaps you around.

You begin to question why you try so dang hard, when all those around you seem to be so wrapped up in themselves that they don’t really care about how their actions may hurt you.

It’s usually not just one person, or one slight that hurts your feelings.

It’s usually not just one turn of events that has you down.

It’s that “piling on” effect that just has you staggering around wondering, “WHAT DID I DO??”

Do you continue to pursue your dreams when everything seems to be telling you STOP?

Do you continue to act like” it doesn’t matter – really!” – when it does?

Is it better to have someone not be truthful because they think it’ll hurt your feelings, or would you prefer the truth because when you finally find out that truth (and you will) it hurts you even more?

Or am I giving too much credit to people actually thinking they might care if they hurt you or not?

Hmmmmm! Alot to ponder.

I think it’s sad that I have to harden my heart. I think it’s sad that I have to lower my expectations. I think it’s sad that people cannot be honest. I think it’s sad that my bubble has been burst repeatedly.

But today is a new day, a new opportunity to find the best in people. Today after the grey’ness of a winter that will not go away, the sun is actually shining. Today someone is going to do something really nice and unexpected and it’ll restore my faith in people. Will it be you?


How To Succeed In Family And Community:

Three simple truths to being a part of a healthy family and a vibrant community.

  1. Sit in Truth
  2. Walk in Love
  3. Stand against Evil

If you’re like me, some days are definitely better than others. My “actions speak louder than words”! (and sometimes those actions just irritate people)

My thoughts? They are not always positive, and I do try to banish them where they belong. Life can be a struggle, and everyone has something that is troubling them.

Sometimes if you just give it time, it’ll work itself out. Sometimes you can meet it head on and take charge. And sometimes, you just have to walk away.

I heard a great talk today about being 1) positive, 2) profound and 3) purposeful.

Sometimes we as humans flourish, sometimes we flounder.

So I’ll continue to work hard to have my best life, and be the best version of myself that I can be. I will remember that we are all just a “work in progress”.

Hope you have a great week.

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The Three “Ps” Of Dating!

There might be a male follower on this blog, but doubtful! So just in case there is, I write this as more of a jest, than not.

Or do I?

I was out this past Saturday night with friends, listening to live music and having the occasional dance invitation. A very fun evening with fun people. There is an individual that is part of this group that follows live music here in the valley, and occasionally asks me for a dance. However, on this particular evening, he was sharing some dating woes he’s experiencing with a particular lady friend.

He remarked how smart she was and how beautiful she was. Then he threw in the obligatory . . . “Just like you!”

(Eye roll)

Then came the “say what” remark? He claimed to really enjoy her company just like the several dates we had been on . . . and yada yada yada.

Truth: I drove over to Vail (where he had a place) from Edwards (where I have a place) to join he and some of his condo neighbors for dinner one night several years ago. We all brought things. That’s it, finito,

So here’s where the Three Ps come in. Unless you:

  1. “P”hone a person to ask them out, just the 2 of you,
  2. “P”ick them up in your car and
  3. “P”ay for the evening . . .

It is NOT a date!!


The End

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On A Snowy Day Here In The Mountains – – –

I’m reminded of my post marriage journey and how far I’ve come. I think of my friends, those who are real and those who during my married life were just along for the perks.

I love this Helen Keller quote, talk about a woman who rose above all obstacles? I’m blessed with friends who have true character, who are steadfast and true.

I know the friends who I can call on at a moment’s notice whether it’s as easy as grabbing me an item at the grocery store on their trip, or a ride to a doctor’s appointment, or a drop over for a shared glass of happy juice.

I believe humans share a trait with canines and equines, we’re pack animals. We are not meant to be alone. But as I get older, I also understand that I can be picky about who to spend my time with and not feel guilty that I’m not “all things to all people”.

So thank you my followers, for walking with me in this journey of being a happy and whole person.


Happy New Year!! Welcome 2023!!

OK – last year was supposed to be THE YEAR!! Ha!! Was coming outta the Covid nightmare and my “move” would go smoothly, and the remodel would be done and the “new” life adventure would get off to a grand start. Weellllllll . . . .

Two vaccines and two boosters later, IT’S still around. My house sale fell apart, I had to change realtors, my remodel wasn’t done yet I moved in on top of it – 2022 was a challenge. But hey – I got this. Don’t I??

So, I’ve had every shot there is to have, my left arm twitches when I go into a clinic or doctor’s office. My new realtor got the house sold in March. I took over the remodel since my contractor disappeared, and got it done in June. (Is it ever truly done??)

2022 saw my football team improve their “win-loss” record from 2021, but expectations were higher. We crushed our nemesis, but then seemed to forget there were still quite a few games left?

2022 saw me fulfill my dream of “one last ride” and I bought my “last” horse. His name is Tango and we’re learning each other. He has quickly become a barn favorite, and his personality is the cutest. (It’s good to be a barn favorite – just sayin’) I have a wonderful new trainer who is patient and gets my goals.

2022 saw me take multiple trips back to Texas and Christmas was spent in California. Grandkids continue to be a highlight and total love fest. They are now 9, 7, 6, 4 and 2. They think I’m fun (who knew??) and they keep me young.

Lastly, as I look back, I took the “Advent of Kindness” (that I previously shared with you all) down off the fridge to see how I did. I failed on #11, tape money on a vending machine – somehow I just couldn’t bring myself to believe someone would actually put it IN the machine?? Is that bad?

I failed at #23, firstly – I don’t have a postal carrier, I have to use a PO BOX up here and the post office was such a nightmare this year, I just wasn’t feeling it?? I sent three identical sized boxes, same contents, to the same address in Houston for my daughter n’laws extended family’s gathering. I used “Click & Ship”. I tracked them. They went from here (Vail) to Grand Junction, Colorado (totally the wrong direction), to Little Rock, Arkansas, to El Paso, Texas, to Amarillo, Texas and then got separated and ended up being delivered on three different days. Their journey took almost two weeks and the last one totally missed the family as they had returned home.

But, I did all the others and it was fun to keep track and give myself a purpose of being kind.

I sincerely hope you all have a wonderful 2023 and just remember to treat people as you wish to be treated. Cheers!!


An Oldie But A Goodie!! Sending It To Start Tomorrow!!

Happy “Tis The Season” to everyone!! Let’s have a month of kindness – not too hard of a challenge I hope?


Another Version of “Pay It Forward”

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John Wooden

Possessing an unparalleled humility, legendary college basketball coachJohn Wooden used his patented “Pyramid of Success” to give his young, impressionable players the tools to succeed at both basketball and life. Wooden turned a fledgling UCLA athletics program into a powerhouse that won 10 NCAA national titles, and all the while he maintained that true success wasn’t based on accolades, but rather on being your best self. This quote speaks to Wooden’s ideology; he lived life by what he called a “Seven Point Creed,” which shunned egoism and prioritized helping others. It’s a reminder that the greatest reward isn’t necessarily wealth or fame, but being there for others, regardless of whether you receive anything in return.

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So, That Funny Story I Promised??

This morning was a typical morning, but what is typical at my age? And what about that funny story I promised at the end of the last post??

Well . . . morning started as usual, up – make bed, no wait, don’t make bed cuz it’s housekeeping day. Get down the clean sheets for them to use, and head to laundry room (with dogs in tow) to put sheets in the washer. The day has begun, it’s just those things that misdirect us.

After the dog walk, and feeding them, I remember that I need to change the battery in the RING outside spotlight camera. It’s been sitting there in the charger and ready, and I’ve been getting the alerts for two days, so OK! Put the battery in my hand and head to the garage for the ladder. But the dogs are done eating so I pick up their bowls to put away ON the way to the garage. Passing the laundry room I notice the sheets are done in the wash and need to move to the dryer. Put the battery down, because who can remove sheets from the wash with a battery in your hand because like our mother’s taught us they’ll wrinkle much less in the dryer if we give them a good shake . . . right?

Shake the sheets, put in the dryer and head to the garage. I was going to the garage, right? WHY? Oh yeah, ladder. But oops, back to laundry room to get battery I’d laid down, then to garage to get ladder to go downstairs and out back to change battery. This time I put the battery in my pocket because surely I can’t mislay it if it’s in my pocket?

Laughing at myself, I think, I should share my “elder brain” morning with my blog family about how distracted I can get, it’ll be good for a laugh, but WAIT!!!! I never sent that summer report blog that I wrote several days ago and was going to send that next morning (because we’re all more awake in the morning) and I must’ve gotten distracted and . . . GRRRR!!

So the battery gets changed, I put up the ladder, go to the laptop and send the previous blog this morning, and will wait to send this new one in a few more mornings . . . IF I don’t get too distracted by (insert shrugging shoulder emoji here as you read, LOL!!!) life. BIG SIGH!!

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