Becoming the best version of yourself

2) Opinions Don’t Define Your Reality

on April 2, 2018

Opinions, we all have them.  We don’t always share them, people don’t always share them, but they’re there.

Do we all want only positive opinions?  Do negative opinions really hurt us or do they inspire us to make change?

I’ve always thought it’s the “way” the opinion is expressed that matters more than the actual opinion itself.  We’re all entitled to our own opinions aren’t we?  Uh Oh – here’s the free speech rhetoric.  Sorry!!

Or how about, “I didn’t ask for your opinion”.  Or, “Hey, you’re entitled to your own opinion, just don’t try to change mine”?

Seriously, your reality really isn’t always defined by other’s opinions unless it actually causes you to stop, think and alter your course.

Your reality is just that – yours, and I really should just respect that it might be different than mine.  Doesn’t make me right and you wrong, or you right and me wrong – it is after all, JUST an opinion.


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