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1) The Past Cannot Be Changed

on March 31, 2018

Nope, no matter how hard we try, it’s there.  It happened.

Are you like me and sometimes think in your active imaginative brain what “coulda been” . . . if only?

I replay things over and over and formulate different endings.  Yes, I do the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” dance in my head.  But to what end?

That would be the end that drives you crazy because unless you find a time machine, the past cannot be changed.  Nor probably should the past BE changed because it’s how we learn.  It’s the old, “If this . . . then that”!!  For every action there is a reaction (high school physics, not my favorite – just sayin’!)

As I grow older, I understand that the past cannot be changed and I must keep trying to do what’s right, what’s best for me in my own personal situation.  Other’s may not always agree with my actions, my thoughts, my behavior – but it is mine and I own it.

I alone am responsible for how I take the past in to account to decide my future.  I am much happier now, than I was in most of my past.  I thought I had a loving marriage – I was wrong, but what I take from that is invaluable to how I move forward.  That hurt has made me strong, those lessons have been learned and stored for future reference.

I am a better person because of the past, changing it would alter the course of my life as it is now – so no thanks.  I’m a better person because of it.


2 responses to “1) The Past Cannot Be Changed

  1. Kay Gibbs says:


    Beautifully said. I too am a better happier self.


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