Becoming the best version of yourself

“One Direction” – Not Just A Rock Band . . .

“When it comes to life, we spin our own yarn and where we end up is really in fact where we always intended to be”    Julia Glass

I read this and had to stop and think, then re-read it, and think – what??

Is where I have ended up where I always intended to be?  Is this the direction I was always intended to take?  I’ve always believed that choices we make give us more than one direction option to take.

I think if I’d known when I got married – what was ahead of me, I might have thought twice about it.  Don’t get me wrong, without that marriage I wouldn’t have the world’s two most amazing sons – and for that I’m grateful.  But was I always intended to be where I am today?

If you believe in a divine plan, and a divine being, then perhaps you believe that things that happen to you and the direction your life takes is pre-destined and you have little choice in the outcome.

Perhaps you believe in a total free will and that changes come about because you make them.  You might feel that you have total control of the direction your life takes   Your best of intentions may not always pan out but you keep on truckin’.

I’ll keep thinking on this because if in fact I am where I was always intended to be, maybe I’m smarter than I thought I was and the direction I’m facing isn’t so bad after all.




Laissez Les Bonnes Temps Roulez

I’ve always loved that phrase.  Being as close to the state of Louisiana as I am, I hear it a lot, most especially before, during and right after Mardi Gras.

“Let The Good Times Roll”!


The older I get, the more I might be persuaded to let that phrase dictate my life’s adventures “post divorce”.  What do you think?

The bad times, when they roll, they roll over you and smush you like one of those big pieces of road working equipment rolling over new asphalt.  You get flattened.

So in my ongoing quest to be more “positive” and “move on” with my life, letting the good times roll seems a lot more fun than letting the bad ones smush.  (Spellcheck doesn’t like “smush” but I do.  After all, being from Texas, we smush a lot, mostly bugs – but you get my drift)

So as we approach a weekend in the heat of the summer I’m thinking we should all take on the Cajun attitude of “Laissez Les Bonnes Temps Roulez” and see what mischief we can get ourselves into.  Grab some friends, make a plan, shed the “negative” and let’s get this new attitude “rolling”!!  Wha’dya say?

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