Becoming the best version of yourself

We All Have Bad Days . . .

. . . and sometimes those bad days can add up to bad weeks, bad months, bad years.  If you remain true to yourself, your convictions, and surround yourself with those who are like-minded –  you will prevail.

When the worst is flung in my face, I just have to know that I AM a survivor and I WILL get through those bad days, weeks, months, or years.  You will too.  Get rid of the negative, always remain hopeful, even if the positive seems just out of reach.

You are a survivor, you are a winner, you ROCK!


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A Fun Read!

I own a Kindle, and I’ve downloaded plenty of books, but somehow I feel like I need to get through all the “paper” versions of books stacked under my night stand first!  Therefore on a recent flight, I pulled out, and finished a book I received at a luncheon about 6 years ago!

(Well to be fair to myself, over the past few years I have gained two daughter n’laws and 2 1/2 grandchildren so I have been very busy with those needlepoint stockings!)

This is a fun and quick read for women and I think you might enjoy it.  It’s called:

“The Seven Women Project” – Your Personal Guide to Success in Work, Play and Dress.  It’s written by a Mother/Daughter duo from Houston by the names of:  Karen McCullough & Meredith McCullough.  Long time women shoppers from Houston will remember their store, Me Too . . . Me Too.

Anyway – back to the book – it’s a cleverly written compilation of 7 women’s personalities, their passions, their drive (or lack thereof), their style, their likes and dislikes!  If you read it, will you admit to being one of them?  Or could you be a combination?  It was easier for me to see who I wasn’t vs. who I was.

For information on the book, you can go to:

Or checkout their website/blog at:



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The Good Ones . . . They’re Still Out There!

I’ve shared Jeff’s blog before, and I loved this one.  Not only for the message, but I’m a sucker for a really good chocolate chip cookie.  Maybe I need to find an excuse for a trip to Tyler??

Can’t believe we’re in September.  Where do these years go?  Hope it’s cooling down wherever you may be.  Read, enjoy and happy almost Fall!!

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Another Great Share!! (i.e. I have the greatest followers!)

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