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A Fun Read!

on September 21, 2016

I own a Kindle, and I’ve downloaded plenty of books, but somehow I feel like I need to get through all the “paper” versions of books stacked under my night stand first!  Therefore on a recent flight, I pulled out, and finished a book I received at a luncheon about 6 years ago!

(Well to be fair to myself, over the past few years I have gained two daughter n’laws and 2 1/2 grandchildren so I have been very busy with those needlepoint stockings!)

This is a fun and quick read for women and I think you might enjoy it.  It’s called:

“The Seven Women Project” – Your Personal Guide to Success in Work, Play and Dress.  It’s written by a Mother/Daughter duo from Houston by the names of:  Karen McCullough & Meredith McCullough.  Long time women shoppers from Houston will remember their store, Me Too . . . Me Too.

Anyway – back to the book – it’s a cleverly written compilation of 7 women’s personalities, their passions, their drive (or lack thereof), their style, their likes and dislikes!  If you read it, will you admit to being one of them?  Or could you be a combination?  It was easier for me to see who I wasn’t vs. who I was.

For information on the book, you can go to:

Or checkout their website/blog at:




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