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Have a Plan?

Jeff, the writer of this blog post, is an old friend.  We met years ago working on a large fundraising event for one of my fav non-profits.  He produced the event.  It covered an entire weekend so was one mammoth undertaking.

He’s branched out from those days, and a mutual friend (thanks C.S. – funny, it just occurred to me that I have three friend’s with the initials “CS” following me – you’ll know who you are!) suggested I follow his blog and possibly share some of his thoughts on one of my posts, when appropriate.

I’ve spoken before about the importance, if you’re a newly single woman, of having a financial plan and a realistic budget – especially with the life altering changes a divorce, or loss of a spouse, can bring on.

Perhaps you’ll want to sign up for his blog, regardless, this quick read just reinforces our need to be smart with our assets and our future.   All the best!!

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Self Confidence with a Boost!

“Owning a German shepherd taught me more about self-awareness and safety than any class ever did.”

I work with German Shepherd Rescue, I foster, and have adopted two GSD’s.  They are an amazing breed.  When I divorced and moved into my new place “alone”, it gave me pause.  Suddenly being “alone” really screamed – – –  “ALONE”!

I’d always had smallish dogs.  Welsh Corgis and Cocker Spaniels mostly, 20-25 pounds, give or take.  Now, I wanted something that would make a statement, with a lot of clear glass in my new front door, I wanted a pair of pointed, alert ears to be visible!

I loved this article shared on our rescue email, not only because it’s about GSD’s specifically, but in general, a good reminder for those of you alone, or by yourself a lot if your significant other travels.  I know I walk taller and more aware when I take my two out.  They are 175 pounds combined, and now that I have 2 pairs of pointed ears looking out the front door – I feel safer, and not so alone.

Hope you enjoy the quick read!

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It’s Almost Football Season!!

Yep – I admit it, I’m a football fanatic.  I’m VERY loyal to my teams, heck, I’m very loyal period.

If you know anything about college football, most especially my alma mater, then you know “Coach” – the former head football coach of the University of Texas at Austin – Darrell K. Royal.  When he passed several years ago, an icon was lost – but not his “wisdom” which still lives on today.

As we face trials in our lives, and we are ready to give up, or give in, may his words become an inspiration to all of us:

As long as a person doesn’t admit he is defeated, he is not defeated – He’s just a little behind and isn’t through fighting.”

We are not done fighting!

Bring on Notre Dame!!!!   : -)