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Self Confidence with a Boost!

on August 14, 2016

“Owning a German shepherd taught me more about self-awareness and safety than any class ever did.”

I work with German Shepherd Rescue, I foster, and have adopted two GSD’s.  They are an amazing breed.  When I divorced and moved into my new place “alone”, it gave me pause.  Suddenly being “alone” really screamed – – –  “ALONE”!

I’d always had smallish dogs.  Welsh Corgis and Cocker Spaniels mostly, 20-25 pounds, give or take.  Now, I wanted something that would make a statement, with a lot of clear glass in my new front door, I wanted a pair of pointed, alert ears to be visible!

I loved this article shared on our rescue email, not only because it’s about GSD’s specifically, but in general, a good reminder for those of you alone, or by yourself a lot if your significant other travels.  I know I walk taller and more aware when I take my two out.  They are 175 pounds combined, and now that I have 2 pairs of pointed ears looking out the front door – I feel safer, and not so alone.

Hope you enjoy the quick read!


One response to “Self Confidence with a Boost!

  1. Marie says:

    I like it!!

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