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Borrowed From A Friend’s FB Posting:

It’s fun to look at Facebook, altho’ I’m pretty sure the younger people (who I laughingly refer to as the “youngers”) who got it going, have wished they didn’t share it with the “olders”.  Hey – we weren’t born with a keyboard in our lap, a mouse in our hand, and ear buds in our ears – but we do catch on!!

It’s a fun way for me to see what my friends are doing, and it took a while for my son’s to actually “friend” me, but there you go – I’m on FB!!

The other day, I read the below posting from a person who used to be in my life on a more regular basis.  Her husband and my ex used to be Execs together in an Energy company.  She is what you would call a “force of nature”, I think you’ll see that when you read her musings.  I just couldn’t help but copy it here for you to read.  All great thoughts to ponder!!  Enjoy and share!!

I’ll call them:  Thoughts From KK


“I had someone say to me yesterday “oh if I had your life” — I cringed the moment the words came from her lips. I started feeling the pressure of having to live up to other peoples standards or image. That is a have burden to carry, trust me. My life is not any different than the norm — I have highs and lows. I started thinking this morning about what is important in life …. here are a few things I have journaled in my past. I am sure I will add to it — but feel free to tell me yours and share them with anyone else that may read this. No one has all the answers — but never stop looking for them. (How Miss America did I just sound writing that?? I almost gave myself a diabetic coma)

1. Make peace with your past so you don’t screw up the present and carry that baggage to the future. Basically, stop thinking so much, because your thoughts are the root of most of your problems. Life is not fair — My Dad used to say “KK, ‘Fair’ is where you get cotton candy and ride the ferris wheel.” No one OWES you anything. You are only responsible for yourself.

2. Don’t be concerned what others think of you (this one is hard for me) Fear of social judgment also makes people think small. Accomplishing anything big is going to annoy some people, who will try to deter you. To really have an impact, you can’t let them get in your way. Never be afraid to your dream that you think others will laugh at… NEVER EVER.

3. Time heals almost everything. I always ask myself when I think its the most catastrophic thing — “How will this affect me 5 hours from now? Five months from now? Five years from now?” Forget those who did you wrong, because they definitely forgot you.

4. Don’t compare your life to others. Try not to truly judge others — you have no idea what their journey is about or what brought them to where they are. Always take the high road, because the low road is never as fun. Never judge on first impressions, because people always surprise you.

5. Remember, its ok not to know all the answers. They weight of the world can burden you from thinking clearly. You will find clarity when you least expect it. Be the person you want to be, because you have to see that person every day.

6. NO ONE is in charge of your happiness but you!! Stop trying to turn to others for approval and guidance how you should live your life for yourself. Follow your heart, because there’s no better guide. The book, “Co-Dependent No More” is a game-changer, trust me! Read it!

7. Smile and keep some things sacred. Stay true to yourself, because no one wants to be a follower.

8. Help those in need, because you never know when you’ll need them. If you can… then you do.

9. Give thanks, because it’s way better than asking for forgiveness. At the end of the day, appreciation and validation go very far.

10. Remember the good times, because bad times will give you an ulcer. Trust me on this, I suffer from bleeding ulcers. Keep a journal incase you forget the good times.

11. Nothing happens monumental to those that are lazy or have false expectations. Just bust your ass and work hard for it. People will respect you for your accomplishments and visions more that way.

12. Start today dreaming big, because small dreams are never worth the chase. Don’t let anyone else tell you that it cannot be done.

13. Choose your words carefully, because it can and will come back to you eventually — the good ones and the not so good ones.

14. If you can count your TRUE FRIENDS on one hand and have three fingers left over you are blessed.

15. Avoid Excess. (This is one of the toughest battles I have) Live life in harmony and balance. Avoid excesses. Even good things, pursued or attained without moderation, can become a source of misery and suffering. You cannot take material things with you when your time on this earth is over. My Daddy used to always say “I have never seen a u-haul behind a hearse” Conspicuous consumption doesn’t lend you anything but haters. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.

16. Your children get only one childhood. Make it memorable. Do things with them that blow their mind. Its ok for them to see you cry. Create a bond now and it will be hard to break later.

17. Its simple, what you allow is what will continue. Truly its not rocket science.

18. If you want to be happy – its not THAT hard — just love what you do and believe in what you do.

19. Praise others for every situation – even if they did something small. At the end of the day we all want validation and praise goes a long way.

20. Take care of your body,… Wear sunscreen, floss and try to eat right 75% of the time. When you want to cry, If you are depressed eat the pint of ice cream and then walk around the block. If you only have $10 in your pocket give the money to the homeless guy on the corner. These gestures are natures prozac.

Again, these are MY notes…. create your own and reflect on them often.”


As A Follow Up To My Post About Picking Men Like You Pick Your Horses?

I just couldn’t resist adding this cute list of reasons to date a female who rides horses!!  Of course the real people who should see this aren’t followers of mine – but I thought you all would get a kick out of it just the same!!

Enjoy and have a fun holiday week.  Happy July 4th to all and be safe.