Becoming the best version of yourself

When In Doubt – – –

Have you ever just been SO tired, so exacerbated, so frustrated, so longing for back-up, support, an “atta girl” or two?? I know I have.

The past two years, and the beginning of this one have pushed me sometimes past my limit of “being nice”, LOL!

When someone says, “Hey, how’re ya doin’?” and you say, “Great, all good!” But you’re not, and you’ve been brought up to be polite, and to basically slide past that question with a bit of a “white lie” because really, does anyone want to hear that you’re not really OK?

When you’re faced with a dilemma and you make a decision and you wait around for someone to validate you, to tell you that you’re right, great decision, I woulda done the same thing! Don’t hold your breath.

When those times come along, please remember this post and the words of wisdom above. Be a warrior, believe in yourself, don’t wait for others to tell you that you’re right. Deep down in your gut, make the decision that is right for you, then smile. Put on your Wonder Woman suit and seize the day!