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Sorry all – I tested and retested that link before I sent it out earlier today and it worked.  Not sure why (if some of you are getting the error message) it didn’t work once I hit “publish”.  I’ll try to figure it out.

Was a fun recording of memories from the 50’s and 60’s!!  SIGH!!  Happy Monday anyway.


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Walk Down Memory Lane . . .

A friend forwarded this to me and I just had to chuckle.  Most of the things I do remember altho’ I was very young, being born in the middle “fifties”.   It brought a smile to my face and I wanted to share with you for “old times sake”!!

Enjoy the memories!




The Art of the Thank You . . .

Thank you notes, a dying art form?

Not the way I was brought up.

You always said thank you.   You followed that up with a hand written thank you.

Even in these days of fast paced hectic lives, you should still take time to write a thank you.  (JMHO)  Even though it’s nice to receive something in the mail that isn’t a bill – – – I’ll allow that a text, email or phone call can suffice if you really don’t think you can sit down for twenty  seconds and write a thank you.

But can’t you?  You know how special it makes you feel when you receive one, don’t you think it makes the other person feel just as special when they receive one from you?

Yes, I admit it – it’s a soapbox for me.  And since the world seems to be moving away from any form of written communication, cyber space may soon become all we have to express our gratitude.  Makes me sad.

I have a friend who when I get off onto one of my bad behavior/good behavior soapboxes sarcastically says to me, “Thanks Mom”!  She thinks she’s insulting me, or telling me to back off.  She’s doing just the opposite, because I strive to be like my Mom, who at 98 still writes a handwritten thank you.  My Mom taught me the art of the thank you, and I’m grateful.

Think I’ll go write her one . . . (as soon as I climb down from my soapbox!)



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Same Song – Second Verse!

I’ve shared these thoughts before, and if you’re like me, after reading them you realize there are some people in your life, past or current, who fit the description.  We all have them.

The good news is, if you’re aware of it, you can change it – or at the very least, not let it alter your life in a negative way.  I’ve become very aware of how some personality types can try to manipulate you – my strength in resisting this has grown.  I feel sorry for them.

The better news is learning there are wonderful people in your life who do not feel that need to manipulate you, control you or drag you down.

The best news is going forward through what time on this earth I have remaining, and choosing to surround myself with happy, healthy and wholesome people who lift me up!  Today you too can choose to be one of those happy, healthy and wholesome people . . . and lift someone up.

We can make 2017 freakin’ awesome!  Who’s with me?

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