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The Three “Ps” Of Dating!

There might be a male follower on this blog, but doubtful! So just in case there is, I write this as more of a jest, than not.

Or do I?

I was out this past Saturday night with friends, listening to live music and having the occasional dance invitation. A very fun evening with fun people. There is an individual that is part of this group that follows live music here in the valley, and occasionally asks me for a dance. However, on this particular evening, he was sharing some dating woes he’s experiencing with a particular lady friend.

He remarked how smart she was and how beautiful she was. Then he threw in the obligatory . . . “Just like you!”

(Eye roll)

Then came the “say what” remark? He claimed to really enjoy her company just like the several dates we had been on . . . and yada yada yada.

Truth: I drove over to Vail (where he had a place) from Edwards (where I have a place) to join he and some of his condo neighbors for dinner one night several years ago. We all brought things. That’s it, finito,

So here’s where the Three Ps come in. Unless you:

  1. “P”hone a person to ask them out, just the 2 of you,
  2. “P”ick them up in your car and
  3. “P”ay for the evening . . .

It is NOT a date!!


The End

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