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A Good Read – – – The Best of Intentions

I always think I’m going to read all those books I order from Amazon . . . really.

At the time I order, I have the very best of intentions.  Even after they arrive, they are useful, if never opened, as a way to weigh down papers from sliding off the desk.  They can be used as a bedside coaster, or to prop open a wayward bedroom door on occasion.

You can load up your bookshelves with them and smile smugly when your friends peruse your titles and are impressed with the time you give to improving your mind.  It’s even a great way to check your dog’s startle response when those same books fall over in the shelves or slide off that night stand.

But once in a great while when I actually do read one, and it’s good, I like to recommend it.  That’s what I’m doing today.  No matter your marital status, I think all would benefit from some of her examples in this book.  The author’s name is:  Karen Gail Lewis.  The book is entitled:  “With or Without a Man, Single Women Taking Control of Their Lives”.

It’s not just for divorced women.  She tackles the dilemmas of all single women, even those who have chosen to be “without” a man and have never married.  It’s not a long read, and has some very good provocative thoughts.  I’m going to be spending some time digesting her information and sharing some examples with you over the next few months.

As always, I look forward to any feedback and sharing you might be willing to offer.  After all, we are a sisterhood are we not?

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