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Have a Plan?

on August 23, 2016

Jeff, the writer of this blog post, is an old friend.  We met years ago working on a large fundraising event for one of my fav non-profits.  He produced the event.  It covered an entire weekend so was one mammoth undertaking.

He’s branched out from those days, and a mutual friend (thanks C.S. – funny, it just occurred to me that I have three friend’s with the initials “CS” following me – you’ll know who you are!) suggested I follow his blog and possibly share some of his thoughts on one of my posts, when appropriate.

I’ve spoken before about the importance, if you’re a newly single woman, of having a financial plan and a realistic budget – especially with the life altering changes a divorce, or loss of a spouse, can bring on.

Perhaps you’ll want to sign up for his blog, regardless, this quick read just reinforces our need to be smart with our assets and our future.   All the best!!


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