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“One Direction” – Not Just A Rock Band . . .

on August 31, 2015

“When it comes to life, we spin our own yarn and where we end up is really in fact where we always intended to be”    Julia Glass

I read this and had to stop and think, then re-read it, and think – what??

Is where I have ended up where I always intended to be?  Is this the direction I was always intended to take?  I’ve always believed that choices we make give us more than one direction option to take.

I think if I’d known when I got married – what was ahead of me, I might have thought twice about it.  Don’t get me wrong, without that marriage I wouldn’t have the world’s two most amazing sons – and for that I’m grateful.  But was I always intended to be where I am today?

If you believe in a divine plan, and a divine being, then perhaps you believe that things that happen to you and the direction your life takes is pre-destined and you have little choice in the outcome.

Perhaps you believe in a total free will and that changes come about because you make them.  You might feel that you have total control of the direction your life takes   Your best of intentions may not always pan out but you keep on truckin’.

I’ll keep thinking on this because if in fact I am where I was always intended to be, maybe I’m smarter than I thought I was and the direction I’m facing isn’t so bad after all.




2 responses to ““One Direction” – Not Just A Rock Band . . .

  1. You are so right in “making terrible choices” comment. My heart breaks for the Deputy’s family and all those in uniform that now must be constantly looking over their shoulder. My problems and heartbreaks pale in comparison.

  2. Bryn says:

    This is an interesting quote. I do think there is a “larger” plan for each of us but within it are choices we make. We need to appreciate our lives. There is always someone worse off than ourselves.

    Many criminals, like the person who shot an innocent policeman over the weekend in Houston CERTAINLY made a terrible choice.

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