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It’s Not Good Being Lonely – – –

on February 5, 2013

Nope, it really isn’t.  But how do we prevent it when/if we’re alone?  It’s exhausting coming up with ways to entertain yourself other than a TV tray and your DVR!  The need for companionship is paramount in anyone’s life.  Even more so is the need for touch.  So how do we go about making sure we don’t end up alone and lonely every night?

I don’t know about you but I can find things to occupy myself during the day.  If you are a working woman, then your day is beyond full.  If you are not, there are activities out there that you can occupy yourself with whether it’s volunteering, part time work, book clubs, needlework groups, bible studies or church related activities, physical activities such as walking, running or fitness classes.  You can take classes or if you have a particular skill set you can share – teach a class?  It’s almost spring time here, hard to believe since it’s just the first part of February but my trees are budding so how about a gardening project?

Oh, . . . but the nights . . .

Those are the toughest for me.  GF’s suggest meeting for lunch, but then those same GF’s go home to their husbands at night and suddenly they forget that there’s another meal of the day that you might enjoy sharing with people (rather than your dogs!)  We’ve talked about this before, it’s a couple’s world and most especially at night – couples go out with couples.  Why is that?  What are they afraid of?  Or do they just not even think about it?

So what do you do to fill your time?  How do you escape your loneliness?  Would love to hear from you.  In the meantime, I share a link below that talks about emotional wellness because keeping our spirit happy and healthy is just as important as our physical well being.  May all our spirits rise this week!



6 responses to “It’s Not Good Being Lonely – – –

  1. Last night I went to a meetup group and thought of you and this post. Check out Houston Single Friends. They are a great group and have something going on almost every day. Last night about 10 of us went to Happy Hour for fresh raw oysters. The group has a good spread of ages and you don’t feel any pressure like you’re trying to find a date. Its just a good time with friends.

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    You are invited to join Houston Single Friends, an amazing and inclusive Singles Social Group that provides a multitude of fun Meetups for ALL ages. In fact, we have the reput…

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  2. Jinx chiles says:

    My God!!! This week (every week) is exactly what you are talking about….for me, and the other single women I know. “Couples just do not think about ever including singles to join them at night. I have even expressed how hard it is to certain very social people (& relatives), and they never include any “singles”. I think they really don’t care if we are feeling badly or not; if you don’t have an important husband, you really have no worth. That is sad, but I feel that is the way it is. I would really like to discuss this topic on Wed. night at Group. Jinx Chiles

    • Jinx – I might be bold enough to say friends like that are not really friends. If you have told them you would like to join them sometime and they still don’t reach out then I say look around for some new friends. People become very busy with their own world. If this experience has taught me one thing I hope it is how to be a better friend and not be so absorbed in myself that I don’t take a moment to reach out.

      I find it interesting how so many couples did say “oh we need to go do this” or “don’t worry we will introduce you to our friends” etc and not once have they actually invited me somewhere. I have to believe it is because they absorbed but it hurts all the same. I’m lucky to have a few friends that did follow through on their promises and I cherish them for it.

      But it isn’t all on them, I have to take responsibility for my own self – its NOT easy for me to go out and jump in with a bunch of strangers. I’m very quiet and contemplative and many people take that as stand offish/snobbish. I have to push myself to make a good first impression lol 🙂

      I know you’re very outgoing – and any group would be lucky to have you join them.

  3. Thanks for the info and the ideas!! Going to look into the, what a great idea!! Wishing you many fun filled and active weekends in the future!

  4. The weekends are the toughest for me. Especially weekend nights and especially long weekends where I endup with an extra day without work to distract me.

    But I am very lucky – I have married friends who are awesome and I do get included in a dinner – every Thursday 2 couples and myself meet for dinner and chat. Don’t be afraid to be the one to do the inviting. At first I felt like the odd wheel and felt I needed to wait for them to invite me. Wrong. Sending out a “Anyone up for dinner Friday” is not as scary as it used to be.

    I have also started to gain many unmarried friends. There are many groups on – I have joined a couple of photography groups and movie groups.

    Last year I took a chance of going on a Alaska cruise “by myself” with a photog group from I put in for a roommate and met a wonderful lady who has become a great friend. Others from that same trip have also become my friends.

    These groups help me fill some of those lonely nights and in exchange I have learned many things and met many wonderful people. It’s a great way to meet people interested in the same things – its casual and not a date.

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