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When It’s Time For A Pep Talk – – –

on February 12, 2013

So, after I finished writing the last entry I remembered seeing an article about being “positive” when putting yourself out there in the dating world.  I myself stated several posts ago that maybe all the “good ones” are taken.  Some times you just feel that way and it’s OK.  Do others really sense when you’re down or feeling like it’s hopeless?  Do you exude the negativity that you feel?

That said, when I’m on my “highs” and feeling good about my life, I probably do sound more like this post I borrow from  After all, they seem to know a thing or two about dating, even if I personally have never had any success there.  (or any other dating website for that matter)  Perhaps all I need to do is polish up my flirting skills.  Can I find an “app” for that?

Is it true you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince Charming?  Good question, no clear answer.  But if today is one of those days that you need to think positive, here’s a little help.  I will if you will.  : -)


6 responses to “When It’s Time For A Pep Talk – – –

  1. Bryn says:

    My belief is that when we feel the best about ourselves and are taking care of ourselves.. we attract the right people. Maybe I am “Polly Anna” but that is my view.

  2. Jinx Chiles says:

    I sure do agree with that one. I am selective, too. J. Chiles

  3. I hear ‘ya. The dating experience has been awful, manners deplorable and the arrogance phenomenal. And here I thought I’d left Middle School behavior back in the early 70’s , LOL!!

    • Jinx Chiles says:

      I agree with that one, again, and I have been divorced 20 years and dated a lot in the past. No more, tho. The 60 yr. old men want 40’s women, who will marry them for ‘security.” 50 yr. old men want 30 yr. olds. etc. etc. Well, guess what ??/ I don’t want most 60 yr. old men, either!!! J. Chiles

  4. A year ago I was convinced I’d be single forever because nobody would want me. A year later I’m convinced I will be single forever because there is nobody I want 🙂 I guess that is an improvement! 🙂 At some point I hope to not hit either extreme, reach equilibrium, and be satisfied that what happens will happen. Thanks for the article – it was a good read.

  5. Jinx Chiles says:

    Well……I have been divorced almost 25 years, and I have met many many men out there, and many have wanted to date me, both younger and older; however, it is NOT (for me) that there are no good men left, it is simply that none of the ones that I have met are the type of man I am looking for. He has to meet MANY qualifications, because I am not so desperate that I have to compriomise. I would rather be alone than with someone that did not live up to my expectations. And the ones that would have worked do get hooked very fast after they become available….before I even have a chance to meet them. I have been engaged three times, and after six mos., I knew I was just trying to find happiness, but he couldn’t really fulfill what I want in my life. I have seen many, many women remarry…….but, I would not have even had a first date with the husband….he wasn’t my type….he was someone I would never even consider going out with. I feel, it’s not that there are no good men left….there just isn’t the good one for me!!!!!
    Jinx Chiles

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