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Happy Anniversary and a HUGE Heartfelt Thanks – – –

on February 15, 2013

That’s right, it’s been one year since I started this blog and I’m so very grateful for all the support I’ve received during that year.  I know I’m not alone in what I’ve been going through.  I know that I have love and support from others who “get it”.

It was funny, I went back and read the first blog that went out for Valentine’s Day 2012 and things really haven’t changed too terribly much.  It’s another Valentine’s day spent with a TV tray, my DVR and my dogs.  A BFF did send me a beautiful heart-shaped box of chocolates which I have every intention of emptying very soon.  I got to spend time with my new five-week old grand baby – a girl – this morning, a real treat since I’m the mother of sons!  If that doesn’t show you “the real thing”, nothing will.

I’ll stay at home tonight because to go out would just throw me into the middle of “couple-dom” every where you look and I just don’t want to see that on this day about “love”.

So thanks for “following” me and who knows what the next year might bring?


3 responses to “Happy Anniversary and a HUGE Heartfelt Thanks – – –

  1. Jinx Chiles says:

    Many, or “most ” of us feel exactly the same way. Jinx

  2. Congrats on your first year. It is always a good read and spot on.

  3. janice webb-mccann says:

    Thanks for keeping it going!

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