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What A Difference A Few Years Can Make – – –

on February 25, 2013

I was sent this post and had a fun time looking it over.  While many of the things on there I agree with, some of them I will admit to still doing.  Guess that means I’m not quite as “hip” as my children and their friends are but that’s OK.  In some things they’re not near as “cool” as I am either!!

Look these over and see if you agree.  If nothing else, it’s a fun exercise in reminding ourselves just how far and how fast life has progressed and times have changed.  Have we progressed with the times and the technology or are we stuck in the past?  Is this a tiny bit like getting a divorce yet not moving on?  Enjoy these and take some of them with a grain of salt . . .

But you better NEVER stop writing those “hand-written” thank you notes or my Mother will haunt you for the rest of your natural born life!  Just sayin’ . . .


One response to “What A Difference A Few Years Can Make – – –

  1. Jinx Chiles says:

    Handwritten notes are perfect if you do not have arthritis and still have a legible handwriting.
    Everyone think of that…..Jinx

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