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Hostess Gifts?

on July 28, 2021

OK – so we all know I’ve been “moving” and “packing/unpacking” and “decluttering”. WOW, I knew it would take a toll, but even I underestimated how this would go.

It’s the things not in our control that are the worst. (I have a really great new and modern looking counter top in the kitchen. It’s just too bad there’s a giant hole in it since I have no range/cooktop yet, but I digress)

The purpose of this post is to help you the next time you need to buy a hostess gift, or a birthday gift, or just any gift in general. Before you buy it, think . . . what will she/he/they do with this?

Note to the buying public, things to never give again because someday she/he/they is/are going to have to move.

She/he/they does/do not need another:

  1. Dishtowel, no matter how cute or appropriate the saying is.
  2. Coffee mug, see above.
  3. Scented candle.
  4. Scented soap.
  5. Wine stopper/coaster.
  6. Hand towel (what our mother’s used to call fingertip towels), same as dishtowel.
  7. Note pads.

She/he/they can use wine, 😉 and the occasional phone call to check in.

Like I said, moving takes a toll . . .

(Sincerest apologies to all people who in the past have gifted me with:

Dishtowels, coffee mugs, scented candles and soaps, wine stoppers/coasters, hand towels and note pads)

Wink wink!!


4 responses to “Hostess Gifts?

  1. Franelle Rogers says:

    great suggestion about gifts. I do not burn candles so I definitely do not need anymore. Also, tea towels Do not use them either.

  2. Marie says:

    Not even the cutest of dishtowels???

    • If you could see my stack . . . . . and I’ve been JUST as guilty. From here on out (excluding your birthday pkg coming your way), gift cards, usable, disposable and fit in your wallet, LOL!!! (next to the credit card you won’t have to use)

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