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4) Things Always Get Better With Time

on April 4, 2018

This is a bit like “It’s always darkest just before dawn!”

Or, “Time, it’s the great healer!”

Eventually . . .

Boy, when I first found out about my husband “living outside the bonds of marriage”, I was devastated.  The reactions from friends were as different as night and day.  The common thread seemed to be, if I elected to stay – things would get better with time.

It sure didn’t seem like it.  And just how much time does it take anyway?

Everyone’s situation is different (just like yesterday’s everyone’s journey is different) and no one can tell you just when your “thing” will get better, but it will.

The passage of time dims the hurt; your life gets back on track with patience.

I’m ten years post divorce now, that’s alot of time for things to get better.  The good news?  They have, and continue to do so.  It may not be the path I thought I’d be on when I got married at 23, but for me at this time in my life – it is the best path.

And things just keep getting better!


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