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Approaching the Weekend – – –

on May 19, 2017

I recently had lunch with a new friend, whom I met at my book signing party last year!  We connected through “social media”, and have subsequently found that we have much in common.  It doesn’t hurt that she feeds my ego by telling me how important my book is, and can be, to women.


She gives it to her clients as a post divorce tool; she specializes in women being financially savvy when they find themselves “suddenly single” after divorce, or even in the case of the death of a spouse.

While she still explores the “hope” of “happily ever after” through dating, I expressed my willingness to “throw in the towel”.  I applaud her for sticking with it, and admit that the occasional hand-holding, hug, and dinner conversation are things that I still long for.  But how do your find that?

Not sure, but in the mean time, when this pic turned up on my FB feed, I took it as a sign . . . that for the mean time . . . it’s OK learning to be alone.  After all, what man is going to let me obsess over The Voice and it’s Finale?

Go Team Lauren!!   : -)




2 responses to “Approaching the Weekend – – –

  1. Linda Lehmann says:

    I lost my husband almost eight years ago, when I was 65. I think that it took me at least 4-5 years, to learn to live alone. I went through the mourning of the loss, the anger at my spouse for not living to enjoy our retirement, the decision to find someone else, the disappointment in the men that I met along the way, and the realization that “dating” was not something that I really wanted to do. Yes, I still think it would be nice to find someone that I could share things with, and if he shows up in my life….great….but in the meantime, my main goal is to enjoy everyday.

    How did I “learn to live alone”? I made myself do things that I had never done before, like walking into a nice restaurant alone, and having a meal. The first couple of times that I did that, it was awful…but I learned to enjoy myself on these occasions.

    The big turning point for me was 2 or 3 years ago, I was booked on a French wine country river cruise with some friends. My daughter because seriously ill, and I had to cancel at the last minute. They did not refund my money, but allowed me to take the cruise sometime within the next year. I could find NO ONE to go with me. I hate wasting money, and really wanted to do that cruise… I went alone. I went with a new attitude….I was there to enjoy myself…and that I did! Instead of seeking out the other singles on the trip (there were 8 of us), I made it my business to sit at dinner with different couples every evening. I met some of the most fascinating people, and even met a couple who was friends with an old friend of mine. I spent time with other singles too, but for the most part, I spent the 10 days meeting new people, and enjoying everything that the cruise had to offer.

    I came home with a brand new perspective….enjoy each day, and don’t put off doing anything that you want to do, because you never know what will happen tomorrow.

    You make your own happiness. This is your life…go and enjoy it!

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