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Sports As It Relates To Life?

on April 3, 2017

Happy Monday everyone!!  Hope your weekend was restful and restorative!

I’ve “cut and paste” from a friend’s blog something that I really enjoyed reading.  And even though this is written in relation to “sports”, and the dedication to getting “better”, I found it great to think about in terms of everyday life dealing with work, family, friends, just about all areas of your daily life.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  This is written by the author of “Moments”, a book listed on my blog as a “GoodRead”!

Consider the following questions and how they might apply to your life:

Do you give up too early when things get hard? – When things become difficult in a relationship or on a project at work, do you check out, give up, and walk out? Or do you show resilience and grit to persevere through the difficult moments?
Do you want the ball in your hands when the game is on the line? – As a parent, are you investing in the lives of your children and preparing them for the next stage of life? As a leader, are you using your platform and sphere of influence to mentor others? As an athlete, are you embracing pressure and focusing on the opportunity to perform at your best?
Do you give up on your teammates? – Do you write off people when they let you down, or do you extend grace and mercy knowing that you are not perfect either? Do you look for opportunities to make people better?
Do you go the extra mile to become the very best? – Are you doing everything you can to become the best you can become?
Do you have a commitment to lifelong learning and growth? – No matter how talented or successful you are, are you constantly striving to grow, learn, and get better even when you feel you have “mastered” your craft?
Do you focus on the little things? – Are there times in your life when you go through the motions, or do you place a priority on doing the little things that matter on a consistent basis?


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    Great read!

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