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As Travel Opens Up More?

on July 22, 2020

I’ve been wanting to share this, but during the pandemic crisis, and shutdowns for the travel industry, it wasn’t the right time.   Now that things are easing a bit, and people are feeling safer (as a result of going stir crazy no doubt) I am pulling this “share” out to share.

It was an article I read in the AARP magazine that really made me realize I’m not the only one who sees how much it is a “couples world”.   No where is this more obvious than in restaurant dining and travel.  Those two things were really hit hard starting last Spring when the world shut down.

To quote the opening of the article by Christina Ianzito:

“The number of women wanting female-only trips has skyrocketed in recent years, with companies like Damesly, Whoa Travel and Living Big Travel devoted entirely to such excursions.  Other long-standing tour operators including Intrepid Travel and Road Scholar, now provide these kinds of trips in addition to their other ones.

Some women say they’d feel like a fifth wheel being single among a bunch of couples, and that a wonderful camaraderie develops when guys aren’t around.”

For years I’ve had one very special friend who travels alone or with other women friends (looking at you LL!) and has not let being alone hold her adventurous spirit hold her back!  What a fab role model she is to her three adult daughters.  What an inspiration she is to me!

So if wanderlust is knocking on your door, go check out the above companies (also including REI Women’s Adventures) and read up on popular “women-only” getaways!!  Maybe I’ll see you one day soon!!


2 responses to “As Travel Opens Up More?

  1. You always inspire me LL!!!

  2. Linda Lehmann says:

    I’ve got to say, as a single woman with wanderlust – if you want to do something – just go do it! I have found that single women on group tours are accepted openly, and i have never felt like a 5th wheel. My favorite tour company is Overseas Adventure Travel, and they offer many trips charging no single supplement. Before Covid they had begun to offer some “just girls” trips as well. It is my preference to have a travel buddy, but it is often difficult to find someone who wants to go when and where you want to go. So just go anyway!!

    COVID caused the cancellation of two trips that I had planned, so right now I am REALLY anxious for this virus to be behind us! Step out there when this is over ladies, it’s a great big beautiful world, full of new adventures!! LL

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