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Strength – Find It In Yourself!

on October 3, 2018

As always, I’m grateful to those strong women in MY life who see articles and send to me for the possibility of sharing with you all!!

Eleven years ago when I “emerged” from my divorce, I felt weak and battered emotionally.  I never thought I’d be strong then or now.  I was wrong.  My “inner” strong rose to the surface.

I hope you’ve found yours no matter whether you’re single or in a relationship.  Never EVER lose yourself.

Thanks Char!!


2 responses to “Strength – Find It In Yourself!

  1. vicfis says:

    Words to own & live by every single day…..i can only hope that our sons and any men who touch our lives learn to treat women as equals and begin to want to earn our respect……it’s a lovely dream………….

    Vicki Fisher Currently reading: The Rule of One-Ashley Saunders Just finished: China Dolls -Lisa See Currently listening to: Educated: Tara Westover


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