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6) Overthinking Will Lead To Sadness

on April 6, 2018

To me, this is similar to always “looking back” – and the first thought of “the past cannot be changed.”

I overthink things alot – yes, . . . guilty!

And the conclusion I usually come to?  A supreme waste of time.  It doesn’t change anything, and it’s keeping me held back.  Imagine a giant rubber band around your waistline and every step you try to take forward, just yanks you back – sometimes further back than you started.

There will always be things that will make you sad.  Don’t add to that list and bring it on yourself.  It’s spring, the flowers are blooming and it’s all about new beginnings.  Instead of overthinking, when you find yourself doing it, get outside and take a walk and clear your mind of that habit.

And smile!


2 responses to “6) Overthinking Will Lead To Sadness

  1. Linda Lehmann says:

    Good advice! We make our own happiness, right?

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