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The Season of Thanksgiving!

on December 11, 2017

Are we still in it?

Logic would tell me that we should be in it all year round, it’s just more visible this time of the year?

I saw a quote the other day:  “Gratitude is the Attitude that sets the Altitude for living”, by James MacDonald.

His premise is that you can live in the depressing low-lands of the world, or have a high-altitude attitude!  Sounds good, but is it really that easy?

He says that living in this high-altitude attitude is up where the air is clean, the sun is shining and the future is bright, where life soars above and refuses to focus on the negative.   I jokingly think that all I have to do to find that attitude, is drive to the mountains to get that feeling, but seriously . . .

How nice would it be to have that attitude 365 days of each year?  How refreshing would it be to surround yourself with people who have that attitude as well?

They say change begins with you, and I personally happen to see the benefit to living a higher altitude attitude.  I’m “over” the negative nellies who are so unhappy that they choose to bring you down as well.  I’m sorry for them, I do empathize with them, but do not want to be around them.

It’s a constant effort – but so worth it.  I am thankful for all the positiveness around me; I am thankful that 2017 has been so much happier than 2016.  That feels so odd to say since 2016 was the year I accomplished my goal of publishing my book, and became an Amazon Best Selling author.

I am hopeful that we can all live a season of Thanksgiving – all year round.  The view in that higher altitude is pretty darned spectacular!


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