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Suddenly Solo?

on June 9, 2016

This statistic is an eye opener!  I just read where there are over 19 million singles over the age of 55!

Wow, that’s a whole lot of people sitting on a sofa eating alone while watching TV on any given night.

No wonder those administrators of Social Security are so worried, they should be!  We are a staggering number.

I can also see why all those dating websites continue to thrive, and give us (false) hope that there really IS someone out there that we can grow old with together.

The breakdown that I would find even more telling would be this – of those 19 million singles over the age of 55, what are the percentages:

  1.  How many are single and have never been married?
  2. How many are single because of divorce?
  3. How many are single because they lost a spouse due to death?

You wonder how many are single because they want to be, and of that number, how many because they never trusted marriage and are happy in their “solo-ness”?  How many are single because they’re divorced and their heart was broken and will never trust again.  Of that number, how many are female, how many are male?

I would love to see a better breakdown, but until then, I remain curious, and curiously alone . . . uh, I mean single.


4 responses to “Suddenly Solo?

  1. Margaret Immel says:

    Yikes! I remembered earlier in the day and then we got busy at work putting together a huge professional development proposal for HISD and I didn’t get home until almost 7:15—I am so sorry I missed it!! (We are still editing through email!) Work has a nasty habit of cutting into my pleasure activities sometimes! So sad I missed your celebration! I will buy the book and bring it for your autograph. I hope it was a blast! Margaret

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    • We had Ellen, Mary and Nina from the hood. We missed you. I lost track of people but we overflowed the room. So pleased. I’ll be happy to sign “in person”!!!! Thanks for your support!!!

  2. audrey says:

    I think 75% are women and grows rapidly over 65 years.

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  3. melecj says:

    That is an astonishing number. Some really great questions. I’d be interested to know the answers.
    Amazing with all those people so few of us find the right soul mate. Guess it does give hope that there are a lot of fish in the pond

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