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A Resolution – – – 8 Months Late?

on September 5, 2017

I came across a “saying” the other day that I recognized from my (much) younger years.  It’s something my Father used to always say.  I knew it was french, I knew it must be some kind of a toast because of the times he used it – but I never asked the definition.

It ties with a mid year resolution I started working on in June.

The saying?

“A Votre Sante”

The definition?

“To your health”

The resolution?

To get back in good shape and be healthy in my choices.

(OK – so maybe I’m eating a chocolate chip cookie as I sit here and compose this but hey, I wouldn’t wanna not reward myself for the 12,619 steps I’ve already gotten today and it’s only 3:00!)

My Father was a bit of a health nut, before it was “in”.  He jogged and did calisthenics before people knew what that was.  He was always moving, and very conscious of what he ate.  As a veteran of WW II and Korea, he’d had enough of fake food and anything processed or out of a can.  We had green salads, and fresh veggies with every meal.

An occasional Friday dinner of fish sticks and tater tots was artfully heated on the same cookie sheet – heaven for my brother and I.  And when I babysat my brother?  Pot Pies – (with crust on top AND bottom) delish!

But when I saw this saying the other day, it made me flash back to those healthier days, and my Father and how important his health (and just being alive) meant to him.  Every day is a gift, and we should all want to be healthy in our choices.

So 8 months after most people made their resolutions, I’m working on mine.  I am resolute to become a healthier woman in both my mind, my spirit, my choices and my body.

I think my Father would cheer me on with a toast . . . “a votre sante”!


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