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When The Travel Bug Hits – – –

on August 17, 2018

– – – but you’re all by yourself?   Be brave!!  Earlier in the summer I accomplished my “50 state goal” of having traveled to all 50 states.  I know, it took me a while, but hey – it still feels great.

Next goal??  Well, guess it involves crossing large bodies of water!!  So when I saw this article from Travel and Leisure, I knew I had to read it, save it and most importantly “share it”!!  Who’s with me??

Enjoy and Dream!  : -)


2 responses to “When The Travel Bug Hits – – –

  1. Linda Lehmann says:

    Single overseas travel is pretty scary if you have never done it before. However, once I made myself do it, I found that I truly enjoy it. I don’t have to tell you how difficult it is when you are single, to find a friend who wants to go where you want to go, when you want to go…..close to impossible.

    Years ago, after trying for months to find someone to do a China tour with, I bit the bullet, decided to pay the pricey single supplement, and signed up to go alone! A couple who were friends of mine, decided later to go on the same tour, so I ended up not being completely “on my own”. Then, I discovered Overseas Adventure Tours….they are a small group (16) tour company who allow 4-6 singles on each tour with no up-charge, along with 5-6 couples. It is a great tour company and I have seen both Viet Nam/ Cambodia and New Zealand/Australia with them and enjoyed myself very much.

    Big cruise lines, so far, do NOTHING for single travelers. If you want to travel single – you pay for two people – period. Therefore – I don’t generally do big cruise lines.

    In the last couple of years, River Cruise lines have come around (some of them), and are offering a very limited number of single cabins on some of their cruises. Grand Circle and Vantage both do this, but you must book early, because they are very limited. I have done the river cruise from Marseille to Lyon, France, and had an absolutely wonderful time! I think there were 8 singles among the 165 passengers. The single rooms were half size (really small!) and all on the lower deck — but hey, who stays in their room. Although the rooms were half the size of double rooms, the bath and storage areas were the same size, so I never really felt cramped. Dining was open seating, so I made it my business to sit with different couples every evening, and I met some really nice people. I did some things with the singles, but did not “hang out” with them.

    I love River Cruises, because in Europe you usually dock in the center of the small towns, and can easily walk around and explore the villages.

    As far as going alone to a big city, I haven’t done it, but only because doing that hasn’t fit my schedule yet. Thanks to Air B&B, VRBO and Home Away, it is very easy to rent an apartment for stays of more than a few days. Although not traveling alone, I have had the most wonderful apartments through VRBO in both Dubrovnik and in Paris.

    Step out there….if there is something you would like to see, or someplace you would like to go – just do it!!

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