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As The Holidays Approach – Some Good Thoughts!

on November 1, 2016

Whether you’re ready for them or not, the retail establishment has gotten ready for them!  What’s that you say?  “The Holidaze”!!  When I read my friend’s blog about being “prepared”, it made so much sense that I had to share.

This will be a leaner Christmas for me this year – by choice.  And no – I wish I meant my waistline, LOL!!  It’s time for me to remember the “reason for the season” and make some cut backs.  Well .  .  . OK, maybe not for the Grandkids, but for years I’ve gone a bit overboard just because I love giving.

Maybe it’s time to give more of “myself”, than purchased products to wrap and deliver.  It won’t be an easy transition, because I love coming up with surprise gifts that aren’t on the “wish list”. I love wrapping, and tagging, and arranging under the tree till there are so many boxes you have a hard time walking around them to get to the back door.

Whatever the holidaze bring to you and yours, please enjoy the shared link below with some really great ideas!  And may this festive time of the year bring you closer to those you love and cherish.


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