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Are You Running Toward? Or Running Away? – – –

on April 30, 2013

I know that we have all been entranced over the past couple of weeks by the awful bombings at the Boston Marathon.   How could something like this happen?  Will we ever know the full story?  What goes so wrong in a person’s life that they could ever think that killing innocent people is justified?  That however is not why I’m referring to this, because we may never fully comprehend what motivated the perpetrators to do this.

What I was fascinated by was the totally random acts of courage and kindness that were displayed by so many people, not just first responders but by the general public.  I would hope that I would be one of those people running “toward” the fray.  I’m pretty sure I would be.  I’ve been at the scene of an accident before and it’s exactly what I did, I ran toward it to help.

It’s human nature to flee though, and there is absolutely nothing wrong that many people in their confusion and need to survive ran away from the commotion.  It’s the same “flight or fight” that we see in animals, it’s instinct that kicks in and it just happens.  Our ability to reason is also what separates us from the animals.

So in your “post” divorce life, are you running toward your new life or are you running away?  Your instinct may be to huddle up and hide, to run away from recovery, to flee from the pain.  You become the prey and it “preys” upon your mind that you will not get over it and be able to move on.

May I suggest that you need to move toward it?  To get past the heartache and the pain, run toward it and burst through it.  We’ve talked in the past about that rear view mirror.  If you continue to look in it, you will wreck.  Look forward and move forward or be like the good samaritans in Boston and run toward it.   Let today and every day from here forward be about moving “forward”.   Be  your very own personal first responder, we’re right beside you!


One response to “Are You Running Toward? Or Running Away? – – –

  1. Jinx Chiles says:

    Animals never ever flee from their cherished ones…animals or human. They are seen consistently entering a fire, flood, etc. to save their young or a human being they are devoted to.

    There are some humans that do go back to help, risking their own lives; however, statistics show that humans are mostly into their own “selves” rather than others.
    Thank God, for those there are, that do care more about others than themselves. If we could all only be like that!! Truly, that is God’s message for our only purpose here on life… to serve God , people, our earth…….and nothing else!!!!!

    As Forrest Gump’s mother said:” There is only so much that we really need to exist……the rest is for “showing off.””” Jinx Chiles

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