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Life as Mountain Biking – – –

on May 9, 2013

Was in church the other day listening to a guest pastor.  His home church is in Sun Valley, Idaho where it had been 16 degrees on the day he’d left for Houston.  We were enjoying a wonderful spring day of temps in the lowers 70’s.  Didn’t take rocket science to see why he’d pick this time of year for his visit.

He was relaying stories about activities enjoyed by those who live in the mountains and one that I really enjoyed was about his son and mountain biking.  There was something so “DUH” about mountain biking and it’s similarities to divorce that when he said it I quickly grabbed an offering envelope to write it down so I could share it with you.

The statement was so perfect for divorce recovery!  You see, when you’re mountain biking, moving “forward” is essential.  When you’re bumping your way downhill over rough terrain, you simply MUST be moving forward.  Imagine if you’re not moving forward what would happen?  You’ll simply fall over, best case scenario, or tumble off the side of the mountain, definitely worst case.

Isn’t divorce recovery just like negotiating the rocky and slippery terrain of a mountain bike path?  If you’ve never mountain biked, I can tell you it’s one of the most bone jarring activities I’ve ever tried.  You’re perched on a bike that is NOT comfortable, you cannot sit on it, you’re pointing down going (at least if you’re with my sons) at what feels like breakneck speed!  To throw on brakes could cause you to tumble straight up and over the handlebars – not a pretty picture.

There’s a reason mountain bikers where helmets and elbow guards and knee guards, etc.  To fall is messy.  You do not stay still on the path down.  You would either fall over or be run over!  To get down safely you must keep moving forward and then see a chiropractor!  Seriously . . .

So grab your helmet, your shin guards and your Advil and whatever you do – don’t try to just perch on that mountain bike of recovery.  Release the hand brakes holding you in neutral and even though it’a a bumpy ride, the finish line is ahead.


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