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Life After Love – – – According to Cher

on May 20, 2013

It’s that time of the year when I seem to be spending a lot more time in my SUV, and getting really REALLY irritated with the way people drive.  Maybe it’s the onset of summer heat, maybe it’s the proximity of summer and vacations earned and deserved, maybe there are just that many more awful drivers out there these days?  What that does is have me listening to my Sirius / XM radio more than usual.  Yep, that’s me next to you at the red light or train crossing bopping to the music and singing all the words!

So, back to Cher!  One of her songs came on and I believe the title is something along the lines of:  “Do You Believe In Life After Love?”  Hmmmmm??

Suffice to say I’m not currently in love, and it’s been many years since I loved the man I was once married to  –  infidelity will do that to you.  But what is my “life” after love?  Sure, I get up every morning; I go through the motions of being busy.  I have hobbies, lunch with girl friends, occasional non-profit or volunteer activities, babysitting the new grand baby, walks with the dogs, workouts – all things to keep me busy.  That is day to day living, but would I call it a life?

You remember when people used to tell you to “get a life”, if you were complaining or had irritated them?  “Get a life” – is that something I can find at the store, or buy online?  Where do I go to get a life?  How do I go about finding the right “life” after love?  After five and a half years of being divorced (and being alone much longer than that) I’m not really sure what kind of a life I have.

At DRG the other night we were asked what the vision of our life would be in the next five, or ten years.  I had to admit that when I got divorced I had a vision of what I’d be doing five years down the road.  Boy was I wrong.  Nothing that I thought I would be doing has happened, most especially in the category of “relationships”.  Knowing that I missed the mark on the last vision, how am I supposed to answer that for the next vision?

Do you believe in life after love?  I think I do, and even though some have accused me of having a pity party, it’s hard to know where you’re going and where you’re going to find that life.  Would be so easy if I could sit here on my laptop, “google” how to “get a life”, buy it and have it shipped over night.  Don’t think that’s going to happen though so for now I’ll try to conjure up my “vision” for the next five years, focus on how to “get a life” and refrain from ramming some idiot driver who changed lanes into me because he was texting . . .



2 responses to “Life After Love – – – According to Cher

  1. Jinx Chiles says:

    The best one you have written——–REALITY!!!!! If we    “SETTLE”; however,  there are a LOT   of men we could have.  Wouldn’t you want Peter????????    

    “A country or civiization can be judged by the way it treats it’s animals.”

  2. Jinx Chiles says:

    This is a thought every human being should see; where do you buy, get, rent. or steal a new life???? It does certainly help to have money, but, as they say “even money cannot buy happines” , but maybe a new life. Jinx

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