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Words Of Wisdom – – From a TV Show?

on May 29, 2013

I’m pretty active during the day.  The days I have nothing scheduled to do are few and far between, and I like it that way.  Keeping busy keeps my mind active, my body moving and sad thoughts from catching up to me.  But oh those nights . . .

It’s a couple’s world – yup – we’ve hit on this before.  And even more so when you’re around a holiday weekend, you notice that people have plans whether it be a party, trip to the lake or the beach or the farm or the ranch, or even a movie date.  If you happen to see someone you know out with their spouse or significant other, they’ll almost always look at you in surprise and say, “Gee, I shoulda called you to join us!”  Ya’ think??

So on those nights where I have nothing planned (and the light is too dim for me to be able to see to needlepoint anymore) – I watch TV.  I DVR alot of shows, movies, and sporting events.  Now that the regular season shows are coming to a close my DVR is getting dangerously low.  What then??  EEEEKKK!

When catching up with one of those shows the other night – “Castle”, one of my favs – there is a particularly poignant scene where Rick Castle is talking to his daughter and offers these words of wisdom:

There comes a point in our lives when we have to stop fooling ourselves into thinking life’s going to be the way we want it to be, and start seeing things for how they really are.”

Lucky thing about DVR is you can stop, pause, fast forward and reverse.  Here I hit the reverse so I could listen again to what he said, then write it down.  It really struck a chord.  Such a simple thought, and still so very hard to do.  Sometimes the way things “really are” are far from what “we want it to be”.  Heck, who am I kidding, they’re rarely what we want them to be.

So is the answer to adjust our expectations?  Do we just accept the way things “really are” and deal with it as best we can?  When do you give up the “what we want it to be” dream?  My daily challenge seems to be making those adjustments to fall more in line with my reality and to stop fooling myself.

Of course, who wouldn’t like to be part of Rick Castle’s “reality” – – – just sayin’ . . .


3 responses to “Words Of Wisdom – – From a TV Show?

  1. Jinx Chiles says:

    You are right; when I say things that really are (always hoping someone will come up with something new…they never do)…..they say I am being negative. I guess they are being “hopeful”; however, after years of hopeful (just a better & dif. life); one gets discouraged.
    Most people cannot face the situation they are really in. Just having a family, spouse, really good friend ….to talk to helps immensely, but when I was in the past generation….people CARED…everyone shared their problems……now everyone wants to make others think their lives are perfect???/ Why?????? Who cares?????

  2. Marla says:

    OMG – I love Castle too! Have you seen the season fanally yet? Love you! M

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