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So, That Funny Story I Promised??

on August 31, 2022

This morning was a typical morning, but what is typical at my age? And what about that funny story I promised at the end of the last post??

Well . . . morning started as usual, up – make bed, no wait, don’t make bed cuz it’s housekeeping day. Get down the clean sheets for them to use, and head to laundry room (with dogs in tow) to put sheets in the washer. The day has begun, it’s just those things that misdirect us.

After the dog walk, and feeding them, I remember that I need to change the battery in the RING outside spotlight camera. It’s been sitting there in the charger and ready, and I’ve been getting the alerts for two days, so OK! Put the battery in my hand and head to the garage for the ladder. But the dogs are done eating so I pick up their bowls to put away ON the way to the garage. Passing the laundry room I notice the sheets are done in the wash and need to move to the dryer. Put the battery down, because who can remove sheets from the wash with a battery in your hand because like our mother’s taught us they’ll wrinkle much less in the dryer if we give them a good shake . . . right?

Shake the sheets, put in the dryer and head to the garage. I was going to the garage, right? WHY? Oh yeah, ladder. But oops, back to laundry room to get battery I’d laid down, then to garage to get ladder to go downstairs and out back to change battery. This time I put the battery in my pocket because surely I can’t mislay it if it’s in my pocket?

Laughing at myself, I think, I should share my “elder brain” morning with my blog family about how distracted I can get, it’ll be good for a laugh, but WAIT!!!! I never sent that summer report blog that I wrote several days ago and was going to send that next morning (because we’re all more awake in the morning) and I must’ve gotten distracted and . . . GRRRR!!

So the battery gets changed, I put up the ladder, go to the laptop and send the previous blog this morning, and will wait to send this new one in a few more mornings . . . IF I don’t get too distracted by (insert shrugging shoulder emoji here as you read, LOL!!!) life. BIG SIGH!!


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