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Rumble Strips – – –

on May 23, 2016

Ahhhh yes – the rumble strips of life.

What’s a rumble strip you ask?

Think of them as those annoying speed bumps that the city puts down to keep you from speeding.  Some of them are bone jarring.  Yes they slow you down but they’re annoying as . . . .

Well, you get the picture!

So I was sitting here contemplating the rumble strips of my life lately.   I wonder (and long for) when I might have a day where absolutely nothing goes wrong?

Without sounding too whiny, don’t you wish you could experience a day where everything just  . . . works??

There’s always a blasted light bulb out, but of course, it’s one in the vaulted ceiling.  Your cable box only sends you error messages and the cable companies answer?  Unplug it.  Seriously?  You have a huge rain storm and your roof leaks . . . again . . . and the water stain shows up where you JUST HAD IT PAINTED !@#$%^&*?

You decide to try a blind date again, even though you’ve sworn off dating EVER AGAIN – and the dude wants you to pay for your own lemonade and he just orders water.  Your plants die from lack of water, your plants die from too much water.  Your plants die.

Your senior dog can no longer “hold it” and you come home to yet another “accident” on the rug you’ve had cleaned so many times that the next one will cause it to fall apart.  You can’t afford a new one.

You receive a bill in the mail, and five days later a nasty email that says you’re 30 days past due?  HUH??  And while we’re on the subject of the United State Postal Service, can you believe that after you stock up on “Forever Stamps” before they raise the price, that they now have lowered it??  Double Seriously??

I could go on, but that would just be fruitless (like those Meyer lemon trees in my backyard) because complaining isn’t going to help.  I just have to accept and tolerate that my life is full of rumble strips and maybe a handful of . . .

Oh yeah, my M&M bowl is empty.  SIGH!!


2 responses to “Rumble Strips – – –

  1. audrey says:

    Girl, you are like rewriting my life. There is never a day without a list of things that went wrong yesterday to take care of and a new list starting today. It never ends, and I think I am unique. Ha! So here is a different take on it. Your comments are accepted. A church service by Dr. Stanley out of Atlanta this past Sunday was extremely good. The more blessed we are, the more burdens we will have. So the bigger the house, the more problems. We can not expect or should expect to get through this life without challenges especially when we are blessed in so many ways. Just remember… Where there are blessings, there will be burdens. So lucky me and you. We have 2 houses, we have double burdens. Makes since. Does not make the list shorter or the anxiety of dealing with all of the repair people any easier, But it is reality! Darn!!

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