Becoming the best version of yourself

Lesson #33

on February 12, 2016

“Your children get only one childhood.  Make it memorable.”

For me, it’s a bit late.  Although I do think they had a wonderfully memorable childhood, they’re now young adults so we’re past that stage.

That said, I’m lucky to have grandkids from my youngest married son and anything I might have missed the first time around, I’ll be sure to make up for the second time around!   The biggest regret I have from my sons’ childhood?  Whenever their father would cancel our family vacations or plans that we had for an evening out, we always believed him when he said he’d make it up to us – or we’d still get to go but it would be “later”.

For us, “later” never came.  If I got a “do over”, it would be that I would’ve packed them up and gone on the trip or the adventure anyway, without him.   Back then I was scared to travel as the only adult without “back up”.  Now I realize we would’ve been just fine.

You can’t get those years back, but I’m watching my sons become great parents and not doing that same “cancel” thing.  If they have to break their promise, they apologize for it and do make it up to them.  I realize sometimes things do happen and you have to change your plans.   The learning “message” is how you handle it and honor your word to make it up to the one’s who’ve been disappointed.

If you’ve never had children, there are so many organizations out there where kids would love a little of your spare time and attention.  It’s never too late to give children a wonderful memory!


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