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To Grow, To Change, To Adjust?

on December 7, 2015

Random thoughts?  Random words? Random order?

Sometimes my mind is a total blank when I sit down to write my blog posts; sometimes my cup runneth over and I have so many thoughts that I have to jot them down on sticky notes just to save them.  And yes, sometimes I go back and look at those sticky notes and say: “HUH?”

Today as I sit here thinking about the “title”, I realize how very different it reads if you just change the order of the words around.  For example:

To grow, do I first have to change the way I think and adjust to my life the way it is now?  I certainly cannot grow if I’m resistant to change and refuse to adjust.  Shouldn’t that be my goal – to grow emotionally, spiritually, mentally?

But what if I switch it around and say:

In order to change, I must first adjust my way of thinking/acting so that I can then grow to be a better, happier, emotionally healthier person.  If I’m always sad, and act poorly, surely that will change the way people think of me and act toward me?

To switch it once more and contemplate:

If I adjust my expectations of what my life will be, will I more easily grow into the fulfilled woman that I’d hoped to be making a course change along the way when things don’t go as planned?

Perhaps I’m just being too analytical and should approach it from the “crock pot” point of view  throwing all these in the pot, stir them up and let them cook together on low for 6-8 hours?  Or do they each deserve their own focus, and I handle them one at a time?

Of course I could take the Scarlett approach and “fiddle dee dee, worry about this tomorrow?”

After all, there are packages to wrap, pecans to candy, dogs to walk, cards to address, menus to change, holiday flights to adjust and visions of sugar plums to grow in my head . . .





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