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“It’s Never Too Late To Be Happy”? So This Article Says:

on November 30, 2015

I know, I know – my moods and reflections on life swing back and forth about as crazy as a coiled up spring that’s been suddenly “sprung free”!  Go figure!  I think it’s due to my nature of always trying to find the positive, or live with hope?

If the article says it’s never too late to be happy, then of course we should believe it . . . right?  But it’s such a struggle at times.  Even though in the grand plan for my life, I’m sure there are valid reason’s why I’m alone right now, why none of the jokers I go out with work out, why I get to spend one more holiday season skipping parties because I hate going out alone.

I know deep down that I have many many blessings that the good Lord has granted me and I should sit back and rejoice in them.  I have two amazingly wonderful and successful sons, two daughter n’laws who adore them, and two beautiful healthy grand babies!!  I have two sweet rescue dogs who love me unconditionally and want nothing more than to be by my side 24/7.

Do you hear the operative number here?  Every thing in my life seems to revolve around the number two – except for a relationship with a “significant other”.  Do I need one to be happy?  Probably not, and at this point it’s looking like I better hope not.

At the end of the day though, I have to go back to those “three C’s” that I mentioned in a much earlier post.  “You didn’t cause it, you can’t change it and you can’t control it”.    Life happens and I may not like it – but I do have to learn how to deal with it.   I am alone right now through no fault of my own, and I’m much better off being single than married to a chronic adulterer, right?  If only being happy with being alone was easier . . .



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