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Grazing – It Isn’t Just For Equines!

on October 30, 2015

I saw this comment the other day, and it made me laugh out loud!  YUP!!  So true!

Guys are like grazers, they like to “move on”!!!

Or more to the point?  They think the “Grass is always greener . . .”  Why is that?

I’ve had horses, after I would lesson and work them, then cool them down, I would take them out for hand grazing.  I figured after living a life in a 12′ x 12′ stall for most of the day, they deserved it.  You learn quickly that they like to try lots of different “spots” of grass.

You can lead them over to the greenest looking patch of clover and grass and NOPE!!  They tug that lead rope and keep on searching for a better spot.  Trust me, when a 1200 pound equine wants to move, you do too.

Most of the men I’ve “dated” have been the same.  Heck, my husband was the same.  They act like they’re happy, they tell you they’re happy and then BAM!!  They spot a better patch of grass.  I’m really curious what that feels like, to be able to graze for a while then just wander off with no regard of the devastation left behind.

Once I realized how often this is true, it actually helped me understand that it’s not me.  This is on them.  You can be beautiful inside and out, affectionate, smart, polished, loving, giving – doesn’t matter.  Men are grazers.  They change cars, they change jobs, they change women like yesterday’s underwear.  (Well ok, let’s hope they change yesterday’s underwear)

I don’t beat myself up over it anymore.  I know who I am and I respect the person I have grown into being “post” divorce.  If they don’t agree, then they can certainly graze in someone else’s pasture.  I’ll even show them the gate.  : -)




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